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portal for arcgis add secure service error generate token

Question asked by mk4ever83 on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by jevillalobos


i have portal for arc gis 10.6 but not federated with the arcgis server

when i add secure service to portal for arcgis by add new item >> add from web 

i type user name and password and check the store credentials option 

but i got error in generating token

(like in the photo with the attachment)


and if added without check store credentials options it will ask me to type credential on map loading and its open

any body has any idea about this problem



- portal for arcgis and gis server installed on separated machines

- i configured 2 web adapter 1 for portal and 1 for arcgis server

- portal and gisserver not federated and no plane to federate nowady