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Warning Messages in QtCreator

Question asked by rmaesrichina-hk-esridist Employee on Mar 5, 2019
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I've been testing out creating my apps with QtCreator. What I've done is to create from a template in AppStudio (WebViewer 3.2) and tries to change the code. However, I'm met with the following message when examining a QML file:



When I switch the Design mode in QtCreator, the following error message is shown:


This issue is interesting, as I can do Local Make and Cloud Make properly (apps function properly as well). Should I simply ignore the errors? Also, do people get to use Design mode in QtCreator? I've only got through few tutorial videos related to ArcGIS Runtime for Qt and seems like not many people do use Design mode.


Configuration / Environment:

Qt 5.11.2

NDK r10e