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ArcGIS Pro file selection dialog is slow

Question asked by pk on Mar 4, 2019
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by Ian_Frakes


I would like to add to the chorus of constructive feedback on the performance of ArcGISPro. Before you ask me about my hardware, it is well beyond questioning.  12 cores, 64gb ram I7, nvidia P2000, 4 TB SSD.  Please accept the machine is not the problem. All other spatial software runs fantastic, Microstation, AutoCAD, Fledermaus, CARIS, QGIS, GoogleEarth...

AcrGIX Pro makes life for users really unpleasantly frustrating.  My current gripe is the non-standard file selection dialog you have designed. To be perfectly honest it is a dog. Even opening a folder on my local SSD takes as long as 20 seconds, while the standard microsoft file open dialog is instantaneous.  All I see with ESRI are you multiple, lame, busy icons.(they are a crutch, not a solution, if it was quick you would not need these). If we are being honest, the user is not busy, the computer is not busy, your poor architecture is incapable of providing an effective user interface.

We have no idea what this dialog is trying to do, but whatever it is, it has no end-user value in the delays it causes.  

Can I please ask you offer the user an option (in options) to use the standard MS dialog instead? Pre-scanning folders is not a sensible strategy if it slows users down. 

Please take this as constructive feedback.  We have used ESRI tools for years, and don't want to walk away.  The unfortunate reality is you are pushing the community to QGIS. Unfortunately if you dont fix your performance problems, your business will continue to suffer.

I honestly do not believe you don't see these problems in your office. I have been to your campus, seen your hardware and it is no better than mine.