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Survey123 - Browser Functionality vs App Functionality

Question asked by alex.damiao@cortlandpartners.com_cortlandpartners on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

About a week ago I started using Survey123. I was able to work with the desktop version, "Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS", create my first survey, and publish it. It was all very straightforward. Once I got to the point of testing the survey there were two options that I could choose: answer the survey on an internet browser or access it via the Survey123 app (android in my case).


When filling out and testing the survey on the android app it all looked very good:

   - the interaction with the survey was nice

   - the survey design looked just like what I intended (based on how it looked in Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS)


However, the browser version of the survey is nowhere near what I expected:

   - the design was very different from the app version

   - functionality was poor, with a lot of buttons located in weird places. It caused way too much confusion while filling it out.


Is this something that other users have been experiencing? I've looked elsewhere and could not find any references to this issue. Any information would be of great help.


Thank you in advance