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Recalculating Fields and Coded Domains

Question asked by WernerRunge on Feb 27, 2019

I have a point featureclass depicting trees with associated vegetation survey attribute values. There are a number of descriptive fields - life expectancy, location suitability, etc. I have created code domains for these descriptors.


However, these descriptors are also tied to a rating value which is used to calculate a dollar value for each tree according to some formula. For example. the Location Descriptor (L) categorizes tree suitability to its surrounds. The coded domain values are

Perfect suitability (1.0)
Could be better located but no problems (0.9)
Minor problems, e.g. lifting paving (0.8)
Species unsuited or causes problems (0.7)
Species unsuited and causes problems (0.6)
Species unsuited and causes major problems (0.5)
Species unsuitable (0.4)


The value in the brackets indicates the value associated with each descriptor that is used in the dollar value calculation.


When the users update the Location Descriptor by picking a different value from the dropdown list, I would like the tree dollar value to be updated (i.e. recalculate) automatically, What is the best way to achieve this!?


Any ideas!?