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Offline VTPK in runtime 100.4 (.NET WPF)

Question asked by on Feb 26, 2019
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As far as we know VTPK file consists (mainly) of bundle files wherein PBF tiles are stored.


We'd like to load specific tiles (in PBF files) from VTPK file loaded into runtime objects (knowing row, column and current zoom level).
We were able to do that with raster TPK using TileCache and it's method GetTileData.
We're using runtime 100.4 (.NET WPF).
There seems to be no way of doing this with VectorTileCache, where VTPK can be loaded into (or from layer object having this cache - ArcGISVectorTiledLayer).


Are we missing something?
Maybe there is another way of accessing those vector tiles?


Thanks for any help.