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Python Add-In Extension 'enabled' / 'autoload' behaviour

Question asked by TIDB02 on Feb 21, 2019

I have a Python add-in that includes an extension.  The only purpose if this extension is for some buttons in the add-in to be automatically enabled/disabled depending on if there are relevant layers in the current MXD's table on contents.


Therefore I need this extension to be loaded automatically when this add-in is installed.


AND I need this extension to be enabled right from the start.


In the config.xml, 'autoLoad' is set to 'true'.  In the Python class, the __init__ function for the extension class includes:

self.enabled = True


However, when I install the add-in and run ArcMap, the extensions dialog shows the extension but NOT checked.


Now, I have found that if I run something like:


myExtension.enabled = True


Within the __init__ method of some other toolbar class (eg, one of the buttons), then the extension IS CHECKED in the extensions dialog!  However, it doesn't actually work.  If I then quit ArcMap and restart ArcMap, the extension works fine (presumably because it remained enabled from the previous run of ArcMap).


So I can get the desired behaviour ONLY if I do BOTH of the following ODD things:

  • enable the extension in the class of some other add-in button
  • launch, quit, launch ArcMap


Is it possible to get a Python add-in extension to automatically load and be enabled by default when the add-in is installed by any other means?