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Text string character formats in dbf files

Question asked by DanBear on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by jborgion

Is there a Help Document on Rules For Text Strings and their formats in Text fields in dbf files?


I have to do a lot of merging of files with a text string field and all to frequently I get error message 001156 regarding something in the text string I put in the text field and I go bonkers trying to figure out what it is.   I have been able to figure some things on my own but this is still a pain in the butt to  have to go through.   I have tried various queries in Help but nothing gets at what I'm talking about.


I have been able to fix errors like the ones below in the past (consistent character string recognition from one database to another) but then when I thought I'd figured it out things like the ones in the pics still come up.


Also:  Why is it when I am adding a Text field to a dbf file if I indicate a certain number of characters, after it becomes a part of the dbf file, it automatically goes to 255, even if I use the default of 50 when I am initially naming the Text field???

As in, why should I have to indicate what my field length is when I get this instead?