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Efficiency of network analysis workflow?

Question asked by DMHCArcGIS on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by DMHCArcGIS

I'm just getting to know ArcGIS and trying to set up a network analysis workflow using Pro 2.2.4 and Network Analyst with StreetMap Premium.  We review the health care provider networks of insurance plans for adequate geographic coverage over the plan's service area. I can complete each required function, but it seems like I'm asking ArcGIS to run similar calculations a number of times. I'm hoping community members with more experience in ArcGIS can suggest some ways to make the process more efficient.


The primary steps of the process are:

1. Create a points layer from an Excel file with the lat/long for representative population points across the state of California.  These are the Origin points for an Origin-Destination calculation.

2. Create a geocoded points layer from an Excel file with the addresses of health care providers in the network.  These are the Destination points for an Origin-Destination calculation.

3. Create a polygon layer from an Excel file including counties and ZIP Codes representing the area served by the network.

4. Create a Service Area layer (actually two layers, one on driving time and one on driving distance, as required by state law) to show the area within x miles and y minutes of each network provider, and, consequently, the areas where the network does not have a provider within x miles or y minutes, and the insurance plan needs to add additional providers or explain why they can't be added to the network.

5. Run OD Cost Matrix (actually two again) to measure driving time and distance from each of the Origin points within the area covered by the network to the nearest Destination point to that Origin point. The matrix results are further processed to identify the actual times and distances that residents with the poorest access face in reaching a network provider.


For each of the two service areas and each of the two OD cost matrices, I import the list of network providers and ArcGIS spends several or many minutes on the import.  It seems like, practically, it's running the same import four times. For each of the two OD cost matrices I also import the representative population points as destinations and ArcGIS spends several or many minutes on that import.  It seems like it's running that same import twice. This can add up to hours of importing.


Is there a more efficient workflow?  What I've cobbled together above gets us to the result, but seems to be begging for improvement. I won't be offended if the answer is that I've done it the most idiotic way imaginable. I'm looking for improvement, not ego strokes.