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Help running Arcpy script on Arcgis Server?

Question asked by daron.nichols.hc on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by blake.terhune

The ultimate goal is to have a  geoform /  Survey123 app to collect data in a point feature (I know how to create this, no problem), then convert them to polygons based on an underlying parcel layer so they can be seen on a viewer. I can write a script to run on desktop that works with a few simple spatial joins and appends (but this isn't an option as the script has to run on a routine basis), and can kind of use ArcGIS API for Python to do it (for credits) on portal, however I'm struggling to write a stand alone, server side script that references a point feature services/hosted feature class, runs the necessary tasks, and uses the output to update the feature service/ hosted feature class that would be in the viewer.

I'm brand new when it comes to working with ArcGIS servers, so any help would be greatly appreciated.