batch join in ArcCatalog (VBA or python)

Discussion created by helenak on Feb 24, 2011
I have two kinds of shape files at hand.
(Let???s call them A and B)
A is a grid system created by fishnet and classified by the field GID (1-4801)

B comprises multiple shape files.
All of them have the field GID and more than one polygon.
B shape files are stored in three folders. (Let???s call them 1, 2, and 3)
Each of them has 100 B in number.

Now I want to join A with B by folder based on GID.
In other words,
A joining B1-1 in Folder 1 => A+B1-1 (producing shape file keeping all fields)
A+B1-1 joining B1-2 in Folder 1 => A+B1-1+B1-2
A+???.+B1-99 joining B1-100 in Folder 1 => A+B1-1+???+B1-100

A joining B2-1 in Folder 2 => A+B2-1
A+B2-1 joining B2-2 in Folder 2 => A+B2-1+B2-2
A+???.+B2-99 joining B2-100 in Folder 2 => A+B2-1+???+B2-100

Please kindly advise if it is possible to conduct the repeated join using code (VBA or python).
Also, the process is expected to be resolve by ArcCatalog in order to calculate sum of a field value shared by all B shape files in each folder.

Please let me know if any part is unclear.
Thank you.