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Failure in creation of feature class: Unable to create object class extension COM component

Question asked by netcompany_tvn_dk on Feb 14, 2019

Hello GeoNet,


I have an issue with registering feature classes. We have created a Feature Class and registered the DLL through “ESRIRegAsm.exe”, and it appears in ArcCatalog:


But when I try to create the Feature Class, I get the following error:

Which isn't very helpful, unfortunately.


The odd thing is, that we have another trigger registered on another Feature Class, that works as expected. And the new trigger is based on a copy of the old trigger's code (with changed GUID's).

We are running ArcGIS 10.5, and are developing our feature class in .NET.


The steps I have done so far

  1. I have tried to add the feature class to the component category using categories.exe
  2. Registered it using ESRIRegAsm.exe for both Desktop and Engine.
  3. Checked that there are .ecfg config files - and there are.
  4. Checked that the CLSID's appear in the windows registry.


I have attached the essential parts of our trigger as an attachment.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, as we are stuck on this.