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Someone demystify vector tiling for me please

Question asked by eric.eagle on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2019 by alex.damiao@cortlandpartners.com_cortlandpartners

I would like to create a vector tile service of a point layer with labels, so that it renders very quickly on top of a basemap.  These basemaps are in 4326.


Here is what I've tried:

  • Take my layer (towns and localities) in ArcGIS Pro and style it (scale visibility, labels, etc) and share it as a web layer.
  • Set it to copy the data to the server.
  • Select Vector Tile.
  • For tiling scheme, I select WGS84 Coordinate System, Version 2 (because my basemaps are all in 4326, so I assume I use this - though I have tried all the other schemes, which also fail)
  • I set my LOD to 0-22, tiling format is indexed.


When I attempt to add it on top of the basemap (in both the Portal web map viewer and ArcGIS Earth), I get the following error:



The layer, Towns and Localities, can not be added to the map because its coordinate system or tiling scheme can't be adjusted to align properly with the basemap.


So evidently it's not my coordinate system that's mismatched, because they're both 4326.  That leaves the tiling scheme.  So what I wonder is, why would a WGS84 tiling scheme be incompatible with a GCS WGS84 basemap?


Edit: UPDATE. I generated an XML scheme that matched my basemap in specific LOD and extent, but because (I assume) my basemap is a global set and my content is local, the staging ended up failing.  My next approach will be to leave my layer extent alone and just set LOD.  I will update again once I try it.