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How to delete multiple fields from a list of geodatabase tables

Question asked by Diomedes275 on Feb 2, 2019
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I found a script that allows the input of a feature class and then it deletes all the fields in a feature class with the exception of those listed in the "if" statement.  The script works great when passing 1 feature class or 1 file geodatabase table.  However, I need to pass a list of tables as the input, and when I do, I get the error: IOError: "[ list of all the tables I tried to enter]" does not exist.  Below is the script with my attempted modifications.  Is what I am trying to do possible?  Thank you in advance.


import arcpy
from arcpy import env

env.workspace = r"C:\user\test22\test_tables.gdb"
list_filename_Tables = arcpy.ListTables("*_filename*")

fc = list_filename_Tables

for f in arcpy.ListFields(fc):
  if ( == 'OBJECTID' or == 'ID' or == 'Project1' or == 'Height'):
    print("cant delete {}".format(