Feature Request - Gallery Widget Option Controls HTML Target Attribute

Discussion created by SEINick on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by DevonBise

Hi Hubbers! 


As we've worked with the city of Montpelier, VT, on their Hub implementation, they had a feature they wanted that seemed pretty easy. The basic issue is that a gallery widget always opens the item clicked in a new tab. I realize that often the gallery is a listing of web maps and apps that we do want open in new tabs. But at the same time, if the gallery is showing sites for initiatives, forcing them to open in new tabs breaks the hierarchical navigation through the Hub. So the proposition is simply to allow an override in the gallery widget that sets the 'target="..."' attribute of the HREF used to open each content item if the override is enabled. If this were a per-gallery option, then some galleries of web maps or apps could still open their content in new tabs, while a gallery of initiative sites, or pages, or other navigational content, could be forced to open in the same tab.