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Calculated Decimal Degree Value is Truncated in Database Table

Question asked by benerickson_utahDNR on Jan 30, 2019

In the current version of ArcGIS Pro 2.3.0, when calculating the geometry of a point, the resulting numeric value is truncated to 7 digits in the table. The table column field numeric format is set to 9 decimal places and shows padded zeros. So a calculated geometry value for lat/long is shown as 40.123450000, -111.123400000, but when I click to edit a field a more accurate value is shown, up to 8 decimal places ie: 40.12345678, -111.12345678, which can give over a 30ft error (16ft error with given random example). I have updated the options for the project location units to have 9 decimal places and double check the field numeric settings. Additionally, when I attempt to copy the table out through the clipboard, then paste in excel, the values are only 7 digits, the same as displayed in the table. Is there a way to increase the decimal values displayed in the table?


Edit: Added error distance and accidentally clicked assumed answered, no option, that I can find, to undo.