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Survey123 Feature Report  - Adding web map to export, not working

Question asked by ben_vk on Jan 29, 2019
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So I have found this info which I am thinking means I can add a little web map to my report, showing a base map and my feature points with a little bit of context:



For geopoint questions, expressions can be used to display the latitude or longitude values from the question.



It isn't possible to display both values with one expression; if both values are needed, both expressions must be used.

Geopoint questions can also support setting the web map item ID and map scale as optional parameters by preceding the values with mapSettings:.


Leaving either of these values as an empty string will use the default, allowing you to define a web map or map scale without defining the other.

If a geopoint question is not part of your survey, or you're creating reports for feature services without an associated survey, the geometry of a question can still be returned using the ${$shape} placeholder. This can also be used to return the geometry of polyline and polygon features.


So I have created a template which I have uploaded to Survey123, it looks like this:


What this produces is a report with the default map view, it does not contain any features nor does it zoom to the feature extent etc, this is a screenshot of the applicable section of the exported report:


Note it is a point feature that is located in the South Eastern corner of Australia.... can I modify this report to zoom to show point and location??


Any ideas?