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Annotate Selected Features (ArcMap 10.2.1)

Question asked by BlairServicessLLC on Jan 28, 2019

Hi –


I’ve got a file geodatabase with lines, points and feature-linked annotation.  For creating new annotation features I’m using the “Selection | Annotate Selected Features” tool from the ArcMap table of contents.  Always for a single selected feature at a time.  Sometimes this can be quick, like a second or two, but often it’s slow, taking 30 to 45 seconds to annotate a single feature.


The process brings up a dialog that describes steps:

  - Setting up annotation

  -  Giving features to the label engine

  -  Labeling features

  -  Creating the annotation elements


When it’s slow it seems to pause at the step “Giving features to the label engine”.   The target annotation class doesn’t really have a complex expression.  It is usually getting a value from a single field.  I’ve tried with and without a feature cache built – no difference.


I also found a reference in Geo.Net back in 2014 that reported an issue with a corrupted group layer. (   So I tried creating a new map with only the source feature layer and related anno layer.  Still slow.


A thing I *did* do that make be a clue is change the annotation expression from one that used JavaScript to one that uses VBScript.  The two expressions produced the same text string.  Not sure if this would make a difference.


Any pointers on why this step would take so long and what I can do to improve it would be much appreciated.