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How to dissolve parcels by owner name? 

Question asked by aarcichowski@invenergyllc.com_invenergyllc on Jan 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by aarcichowski@invenergyllc.com_invenergyllc

I'm looking for a work flow to properly dissolve parcel by the same owner. 

Currently we use the address field to dissolve parcels. Usually parcel owners will have one common (almost unique ID) to dissolve by. However the problem is that a Owner can have multiple addresses (on different parcels), some owners share the same address and the Address field is not always consistent (for ex. the same owner can have the following, Address = 123 east Adams st or Address = 123 E. Adams ST.) 


The problem is that the data is not clean and consistent, especially the Owner Name field. Sometimes it will have his wife name in the owner name or his middle initial or his companies name. There are usually 50,000 parcels + so cleaning the data will be to time consuming and impossible.


I want to create a layer that shows all the different owners and what land they own in one feature class. 1 owner = 1 polygon (usually owners own multiple parcels). I can't dissolve by owner name or address! Anyone have any idea out there?