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Survey123 Calculation Functions in Web Browser, but not in App

Question asked by nthompson_RCGIS on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by JTedrick-esristaff

I’ve hit a wall building a Survey123 form in SurveyConnect I've built to track smoke detector installations across the county I work for. I’ve used SurveyConnect My reason for using SurveyConnect was to get more control of how data is input and include some fields autofill based on a boolean logic. My thought was if a user selected, “No”, that the quantity (0) would be auto-filled behind the scenes, with the notes fields that I would later hide. Whereas, if a user selected, “Yes”, they are able to see the next integer field and input a number of the phenomena of interest (People above or below a certain age, number of detectors installed, etc).


I was able to get the behavior I wanted and published the form. However, post-publishing the form no longer autofills fields as I described. I’m able to get the behavior I want if I access the from through a browser, but it doesn’t function in Connect. In fact, when I try to bring the form into connect, it errors out, though I’ve specified my portals.


Here’s the browser-based version of the published form where the calculations work as I want to them to, minus the number of occupants under 18, which I need to edit, but am currently unable to. See the other boolean questions to get an idea of what I want from the behavior of the form. 




Nick Thompson

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Rutherford County, TN