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ArcGIS runtime for Android, map view location display crashes app

Question asked by WMELEE on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by steeinfoto

The app will use the map view's location display to show own location.


On enabling location display, if the user switches between 2 fragments (map & some other fragment) multiple times, the app will crash. Just before the app crashes, opening the drawer will be sluggish and then eventually crash. Disabling the location display however will not crash the app with fast response on drawer interaction.


I have a limited number of devices only and the crash seem to affect Samsung devices running Oreo.


Attached is a sample app replicating this. Try commenting/uncommenting line 72 & 93 of MapFragment.cs file.



The device used are:

Samsung S8+

Oreo 8.0, Samung Experience 9

ArcGIS Runtime, v100.4.0

VS 2017 Professional, v15.9.4

Xamarin android SDK, v9.1.4.2

Xamarin, v4.12.3.77