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How to select features of a layer within a polygon, and add as a new layer

Question asked by hmill779 on Jan 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by xander_bakker

I would like to select lines that exist within a

polygon, and create a new layer with the selected data,  as shown in the image.


I have tried using the spatial join tool following these instructions (Find what is inside a polygon—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop ) with no success, using the line data as the 'Target Features' and the polygon as the 'Join Feature', and either 'Within' or 'Completely within' as the 'Match Option'.

I have also tried to select the line data using the 'Select by Location' tool, but also to no avail.

Could this be due to the lines not existing solely within the polygon?


I wonder how else I could go about this problem, using ArcGIS pro?

Thank you.