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Using orgId in custom map does not allow to log in

Question asked by deleted-user-yFDeOJnQ1kta on Jan 21, 2019


I have built a custom mapjournal template (based on the MapJournal template version 1.17 from the Esri-Github) and deployed it on our server as a testcase for further development.

As I am still figuring out how things work, I made a mapjournal in AGOL and made it available to my organization for editing and viewing.


In my index.html, I added the origId here (I removed all the comments in the snippet, and replaced the ID with the text ORIG_ID):


        <script type="text/javascript">
            var configOptions = {
                appid: "",
                oAuthAppId: "",
                authorizedOwners: ["[<<<ORIG_ID>>>]"]


When I try to get to the mapjournal with URL including APPID, I am notified that the user (being me as the creator of the mapjournal) is not authorized. When I put my own username in the authorizedOwners section (without the brackets of course), I can login and edit my map.

I want my colleagues to create map journals with this template, but adding single user-ids is a bit cumbersome, so adding the orgID would be the logical step. But adding single usernames is the only way it works now. Do I miss something?


Thanks, Koen



BTW: the comment in index.html about finding the orgID is not so easy to find. I found my ID by downloading a AGOL-activity log as CSV.