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Geometric Network Editing Workflow

Question asked by selda1 on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by bnayak-esristaff

Hi Geonet,

We have some issues about geometric network and comparing SDE geodatabases.


Assuming that we’ve SDE including geometric network and we exported a part of data into a File Geodatabase to use in the field data collection.  After some editing in a disconnected environment and finished editing we want to load data into the SDE.  So the main question is;


What is the best approaches for loading data into SDE and keep the SDE updated? What workflows can we follow for geometric network editing to keep network connectivity accurate?


Also is it a need for the checked out geodatabase to have a geometric network or not ? What is the best option for  efficient management of editing workflow?


All kinds of suggestions are welcome  including replication (distributed geodatabase), Versioning, Data Reviewer (for handling differences etc), Incremental Network Loader, Object Loader etc.


In fact, how Distribution Companies handle this workflow?  How they export / import data into geometric network and verify data mechanism including field operations with mobile and web applications?



Thank you so much,