Compile error window not closing in VBA Editor

Discussion created by kjkim134 on Feb 22, 2011

I added a few code lines of macro in ArcGIS VBA Editor and tried to run it, but a Compile error: Argument not optional window appeared.  I clicked OK button or close button on the window, but the window didn't close. Now, when I try to close the VBA Editor window itself, it will not close either.   I was stuck with it, I could not close the ArcMap.  To get out of it, I had to turn off my computer.  After that, when I tried to open up the .mxd file again, the ArcMap just shows the VBA Editor again with the same Compile error window which as before will not be closed with the click of OK button or close button.  How can I close the editior and access all the codes that I have been working on?  The .mxd file has many macros that I have created.  How can I access them?  I am in a dire situation!  Could someone help me out?  I would appreciate your help!!