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Can't create object in feature class

Question asked by daniel927451_grd on Jan 14, 2019
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Hello. I am very new to both GIS and ArcGIS so please forgive me if my ignorance shows. I tried to search on this issue but don't really know enough exact terms to do so. Here is the issue:


I have created a feature class in order to add a variety of points to a map. The points are simple things such as metro stops, cafe's, shopping centers, etc. I created a feature class and in the attribute table added 6 or so of these items and symbolized them based on a type field. Using this I am able to add any of these items to the map, which I have done for several. The problem came when I decided to add a new type of object (bus stop) after having added multiples of the first set of objects. I added the new type to the attribute table and it appeared as expected in the symbols page so I was able to add that to it. The problem is when I then hit the edit -> create and want to put one of these new object types on the map the new object (bus stop) doesn't show up in the list of create choices in the feature class. All the original ones I created are there.


I assume this has to do with the fact that I created this new object after having added multiple instances of the original objects to the map/attributes table so this new type is below them in the table. I am guessing that if I deleted all the objects but the original types, it would work fine but I have to assume there is a proper way to add a new type after having added other objects. Am I missing something or do I need to clear out the created objects and start out making sure to enter all my object types first? Would and export/import solve this?