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Arcsoc.exe executing sql statement in oracle

Question asked by Mehretab on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 2, 2019 by Mehretab

Some time a go we have noticed that the following sql statement was executed frequently in our Oracle database.


BEGIN /* ArcSDE plsql */ execute immediate 'create table tst_tab(id integer)';execute immediate 'drop table tst_tab';:sql_code := 0; EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN :sql_code := SQLCODE; :error_string


The statement is executed frequently and it leads to a higher load in our database (exhausts resources - CPU and Memory). It also doesn't seem right because our service do not have edit or such capabilities to write or execute a statement to begin with. 

The common point of reference is the use of ArcGISServer 10.5.1 services. We Identified that the statement is executed by an ArcSOC.exe.

Back then the workaround was to give the Oracle user a read only right and that solved the problem, but  now we upgraded one of our ArcGIS Server to 10.6.1.  As mentioned in this BUG an Oracle user with only read permission is not supported in 10.6.1 yet.

The question is then why the above mentioned statement is executed in our Oracle database in the first place and what can we do to stop it from been executed if we are forced to give our Oracle user a read and wright permission again?

Our environment is:

ArcGIS for Server 10.5.1

Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release