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Typed REST API library for .NET

Question asked by john.galambos on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by john.galambos

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET is fantastic and is exactly what I'm looking for but for one critical issue: the licensing FAQs for the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET specify that the ArcGIS Runtime can't be used in a service (see the bottom of this page: Licensing your ArcGIS Runtime App | ArcGIS for Developers ). This is unfortunate because I can see many practical uses for having a nice .NET library to interact with the REST API and ESRI functionality from more of a back-end perspective:

  • Maintaining a C# based near real-time integration with another application via messaging, webhooks etc..
  • Geometry transformation between ESRI json and GeoJSON (e.g. GitHub - Esri/geometry-api-java )
  • Bootstrapping an empty feature service for automated integration tests, clearing it out when done.

There's a few C# projects that could potentially cover some of these features but a lot of them seem to be dormant/abandoned. The Runtime SDK appears to go a long way towards providing all of this functionality, but the licensing constraint makes it a no go for me. Do people just develop their own .NET REST API libraries for server side stuff or have I missed a wonderful library that already exists?


ESRI, please would you consider opening up the licensing for the .NET Runtime SDK to allow services to use it (or possibly separate out the REST API, geometry components, and other lower level stuff into another library?). I would love a well-maintained library to interact with the ArcGIS REST API with all of the benefits of .NET and strong typing.