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Trouble adding new records to existing map.

Question asked by HermitJohn on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by HermitJohn

I have an existing map that I would like to add new records to but it does not save the point or record.


I open the map, then open Editor, start Editing, It gives me a warning that none of the spatial references match the data frame.  I click Continue, then  the  click on the Create Feature button on the Editor bar,  then I select the feature I want to update and the Point tool and add the point to the map. The point on the cursor is normal sized but the point left on the map is smaller.  I fill in some fields and hit Save.  Then I hit Stop Edits and the point disappears as well as the new record in the attribute table.


When I made the map adding records worked fine.  I'm only trying to add more records to this map.


Thank you!