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User sees data from _stakeholder feature layer

Question asked by jmcconalogue on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by jmcconalogue

I have a survey with over one thousand records. The original survey was created in August 2017. We made changes to the survey in October 2017 and published a new survey which overwrote some old data. There were 32 records recorded from August to October 2017.

Since October 2017 there has been 1200 records.

When I log into view the surveys here  i can see the 1200 records but when some other users log in they only see the 32 records created in 2017.

Within the survey on AGOL the 1200 records are visible in the survey feature layer file but the 32 records are visible within the survey feature layer _stakeholder file.


Anyone know what is going on here?