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How to export simple dbf for import into Excel

Question asked by Vadrosaul on Jan 7, 2019
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I'm used to exporting an attribute table in ArcMap (version 10.4 in particular) for further analysis in Excel. Normally, I open the attribute table in ArcMap, click on the top-left icon, choose Export, and send everything to a DBASE table:


This produces a dbf file I can drag-and-drop right into Excel, and get a readymade table just as it was in ArcMap.


Tried the same in ArcPro (version 2.1.3), and figured out how to export to a DBF. However, instead of the above simple table of 3 columns, I get a lot of extraneous columns related to XML. Is there any way to replicate the same method that was so simple from ArcMap in ArcPro?