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Setting vertical offset for SLPK layer in ArcGIS Runtime .NET sdk?

Question asked by ahsan_02 on Jan 3, 2019
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I recently started development of an app using ArcGIS Runtime dot net SDK (WPF). I have an issue related to the the elevation offset for scene layer package (slpk).

When I load my slpk layer to ArcGIS Online it overlays above the ground. but in ArcGIS Online I can set the elevation offset that corrects the vertical position of the model.

Now if I use the portal item or ArcGIS Online service in dot net WPF app it works fine because my model has been published with an offset.

But i want to load my slpk file local path, and I am unable to find any such option to set the offset value for ground overlay.

Uri _serviceUri = new System.Uri(@"D:\Projects\test\lod75.slpk"); ArcGISSceneLayer sceneLayer = new ArcGISSceneLayer(_serviceUri); myScene.OperationalLayers.Add(sceneLayer);#