Multiple Hyperlinks in Pop Ups (Arcade)

Discussion created by kgaiz@blm.gov_BLM_EGIS on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2019 by xander_bakker

I'm trying to link cadastral point data to scanned survey plat .tif files that are available on the web at the following directory. I want to be able to link a point to multiple survey plat files if they exist. 


The point data contains PLSS IDs that I'm able to use to build attribute expressions to create a sort of hyperlink base. An example of a PLSS ID is AZ140040N0080E0.


For example, to the plats within the Rectangular_Survey_Plats_GSRM_PM14/ subfolder:


var PLSSID = $feature["PLSSID"]
var RangeDir = Mid(PLSSID,13,1)
var TwnshpDir = Mid(PLSSID,8,1)
var MeridCode = Mid(PLSSID,2,2)
var MeridText = Iif(MeridCode=="14",'GSRM',Iif(MeridCode=="22",'NSM',Iif(MeridCode=="27",'SBM',0)))




My issue is that the plat numbers in the file names that follow the PLSS ID (3001, 3002, etc) are not stored in the cadastral point data so I cannot reference them. In theory, people are adding to the directory of survey plats so the range of plat numbers could change, although right now they seem to range from 3001 - 3027 (with some typos).


Is it possible to link to the various files using Arcade?