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Mosaic .tif files with GPS lat/long

Question asked by cphill30 on Dec 26, 2018
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I have a set of jpeg images, 101 of them that need to be mosaiced into one image. I have converted all of them to .tif files. I created a mosaic dataset in arcCatalog and added the images. This issue I am having is the images are overlain on top of one another. The image has GPS latitude/longitude coordinates attached to it which can be seen in the properties when you right click the image in the folder on my computer. ArcCatalog and ArcMap are not reading those coordinates to place the image at that x,y. It doesn't even show up when you look at the attriubutes in arcCatalog or ArcMap. The images overlap in places so georeferencing doesn't seem like the route to go for that many images. Any guidance or tips is appreciated