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Edit Feature outside of map using form

Question asked by jdb@srcity.org_SantaRosa on Dec 21, 2018
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I'm very new to ESRI - and I'm hoping to find *some* way to pull this form into a uniquely addressable page so that it can quickly be edited/triaged by staff:  (more below)popup screengrab doesn't work for me to have this form ONLY be available by clicking an icon once you're on a web-map... there might be dozens of icons on a map, and staff need to be taken directly to edit the specific item like this.  

Really appreciate any suggestions. 


We have implemented "Crowdsource Reporter" for public submissions.  Those submissions, from 8 different categories ("domains", I believe) are pulled from AGOL via FME (an ETL), then pushed/consolidated into a *single* list on our Intranet (sharepoint 2013 list).  We did this, rather than use "crowdsource manager" because the public domains do not map equally to our 13 internal departments that manage the issues - so we have created webmaps that filter the various layers to specifically tailor them to each department's specific issues (problem types) from those domains.

I'd like each issue/item in the sharepoint intranet list (which categorizes them all for staff as "new" "pending" and "completed") to have a field/column that is a dynamic URL that would bring an employee directly to the edit view of that specific issue.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  My best guess is that the GlobalID is going to need to be put into a URL...  I'm also naive to the API.  Pointers welcome.

Sharepoint data from above issue:

sharepoint data from AGOL via FME