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How can I make a Grid Layer with numbering outside of my Data Frame at my set scale in layout view?

Question asked by Hydronaut on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by bking-esristaff

I'm having a lot of trouble getting my head around the Make Grid and Graticule Layer tool.


I have a polygon for my area of interest - set to a specific scale for my map layout. I can generate a grid layer using the aforementioned tool, however the grid numbers in the marginalia don't appear. When I stretch the data frame out to try and find them, I can kinda see them if I stretch left-right direction, but if I stretch in the up-down direction, I'm back where I marginalia


The more I resize the data frame, the more I am chasing the marginalia which never appears fully in layout view. If I change the scale, then I can see the whole grid layer - but I don't want to change the grid scale, because my map then won't be the scale I'm after.


If I flip to data view and I can see everything appearing as it should. So why won't it fit properly in layout view?


I'm so confused... I can't find a decent tutorial on this tool anywhere.