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Is it possible to select multiple edges while editing topology (using reshape tool)?

Question asked by tnaibert on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by tnaibert

In ArcMap, it is possible to select multiple shared polygon edges with the Topology Edit Tool by holding SHIFT and clicking multiple edges. This is especially useful when editing the edge of a polygon that shared edges with two other polygons. In ArcGIS Pro, it only seems possible to select a single shared edge before using the Reshape tool (or other tools, e.g. Vertices). I tried holding SHIFT, and it does not work the same as in ArcMap. Is there a different method for selecting multiple topology edges while editing?


Additionally, is it possible to select a topology edge and have it stay selected after using an editing tool? If I want to reshape the edge and then reshape another part of the same edge, currently I have to reselect the edge each time I want to reshape it, but maybe there is a way to keep it selected between editing actions. Any help with that? Thanks.