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Import Web App from AGOL with widgets at v2.11 into Web App Builder for Developers v2.10?

Question asked by gsipes on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by gsipes

How can I import my Web App created with Web App Builder (within AGOL), that uses widgets at version 2.11, into Web App Builder for Developers version 2.10? I am trying to update the "Extra Data Sources" widgets with a new URL, by importing into Web App Builder for ArcGIS (developers). I was able to update the URLs of the web map feeding my web app by using the AGOL assistant, but this only fixes the widgets that reference the web map services directly, rather than the "extra data sources" filtered widgets. When I try to import my web app from AGOL into Web App Builder for Developers the log file states the following:


'Fail to import. Some widgets used in the app are newer version. App name:[Drainage Work Order Dashboard], widget: ZoomSlider,2.11\


And it goes on to list about 10 widgets that are at version 2.11.


I am a complete newbie to the Web App Builder for Developers.