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Portal for ArcGIS Implementation

Question asked by gavin.jackson on Dec 18, 2018
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Long time lurker, first time poster. Would be grateful for any responses to the below before the holiday break but will bump it early in the new year.


I work for a large state government agency in Australia and having just completed a large upgrade to 10.5.1 we now have Portal available.


My questions relate to the management and implementation of said Portal environment:


1) How do you easily migrate content (web maps, apps) between development, test and production environments? Our IT people want it to be scripted if at all possible.


2) Governance: In a large agency such as ours, our IT people want full Software Development Lifecycle governance over Portal. My question is how do other large agencies tackle this in regards to "development" (where we are not actually coding anything for the deployment of web apps and maps)?


3) Geoprocessing scripts on server: Where do you store your scripts (our IT people use Microsoft Team Foundation Server) for the management of said scripts, but I don't think ArcGIS server would map a script stored there... any ideas would be appreciated.


These are the main questions but any information that you have regarding the implementation of Portal in a large agency, challenges, and management of Portal would be appreciated.


Like I said earlier any information provided prior to Christmas would be greatly appreciated but happy for early in the new year as well.


Have a great Xmas break everyone!


Kind Regards


Gavin Jackson