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Connect vs. Web form functionality: repeats, calculations, relevant statements

Question asked by pbaileyG82 on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2019 by JTedrick-esristaff

performed in S123 v. 3.1 (3.1.126 in Connect)



I have created and tested a XLSForm in S123 Connect and trying to publish in the S123 Web form format. The main basis for this form is to collect daily production data (for 1 week, 1 well at a time). When publishing to the web, the calculations, relevant statements within the repeat section do not work the same way as in Connect. 


For example, in Connect the calculation field ${day_readout} increments by (1) as each entry is entered.

However, both the date and integer (Day # 2, in this case) within the integer type field named ${volume}are not displaying properly in the web version after each entry is populated.

I read in a previous forum that this calculation may not be supported yet on the web version:

format-date(date-time(decimal-date-time(${start_date} + int(${day_count_conv}))),'%m/%d/%Y')

Survey123 Time Capture and calculation 

Same general error for another equation for hidden type field named ${sub_days}:


The "day_counter" fields use the count function to capture how day entries (>=0) have been entered.


Question 1: Are the calculations not compatible or is it something else?


Towards the end of the repeat section, there is an relevant statement on a collapsed "Step 3" Group that does not open even after 7 entries are entered.

Connect (works)

Web (does not work)


Question 2: Why is the relevant statement not working to open "Step 3" Group? Do repeat counts work (or numbered) the same way in both Connect and web form? It looks like in Connect it starts at "0" count and on the web form "1"...?


I'm wondering if any workarounds can be done to function on the web. The must have's are: 1) users must be able to input daily data and 2) daily data must be tabled in rows (1 day, 1 well --> 1 row)