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GeoEvent spatial filter

Question asked by kamillhh_NTNU_2018 on Dec 17, 2018



I am new to GeoEvent and have some questions.


I am polling features from a point feature layer (name: ex1) with incremental updates set to last_edited_date.

I am also polling features from a second point feature layer (name: ex2).


What I am trying to do is: When the field value in a certain field in ex1 is changed by a user to 'fin', a field in ex2 should change at the same time with the same specified value. The objectID of the points in ex1 and ex2 does not match, and the points are not placed exactly at the same location (distance between the points is maximum 100 m).



My ideas so far (see attached picture for GeoEvent service structure):

1) Filter the polled features in ex1 based on if a certain field contains 'fin' - in this case if the field domain is changed by a user.

2) Thereafter I want to buffer both polled feature layers (100 m buffer) and then add a filter that uses these on-the-fly buffers as geofences.

3) With this filter I want to only return features in ex2 that intersect with features in ex1. (more correctly the buffers)

4) After this I add a field calculator that target a field in feature layer ex2 and insert a new certain value. 



I do not know if this is the best way of doing what I want. One of the biggest problems is creating and using on-the-fly geofences since the buffers are created in the GeoEvent service and not imported from a feature layer.