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Nested repeats not working properly

Question asked by Transcon_CA_Bio on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

I am experiencing a problem on all surveys to which I recently added nested repeats. The first nested repeat always works fine. However, if I create a new repeat record in the primary repeat, the nested repeat in that and subsequent primary records begins to work improperly. The nested repeat automatically defaults to the number of records that the nested repeat that was within the previous primary repeat had. For example, if the nested repeat within the previous primary repeat had a repeat count of four, then the nested repeat within the next primary repeat record will also automatically have a repeat count of four. It's not desirable to have the user scroll through and delete unneeded records with each subsequent primary repeat record. I also use once(count) to count the nested repeat records. This also doesn't work properly. If the user scrolls through the extra records or adds a new record, the numbering, which works fine in the first nested repeat, is wrong. This paired with the extra repeat records creates a lot of extra work for the user and is confusing, which is making surveys with nested repeats unusable. I have this problem when using both an iPad and an Android device. The survey was created with Connect Version 3.1.126. On my iPad, I am using Version 3.1.113. The xls for one of the forms that is having the issue is attached.