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Survey123 form accessed via tablet device loses functionality

Question asked by jmitchell@NewportRI on Dec 7, 2018
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I was testing a form that I had created for field inspections and I noticed that on my tablet, the form was missing the repeat functionality for attaching multiple images/files and the geopoint map for picking a location.


EDIT 3- I submitted an inspection form as a test on the tablet to see if the location information being passed via the custom URL was working despite the map not showing up on the form and the correct location information is indeed being submitted as part of the form accessed via the custom URL link. For some reason, the map is not displaying on the form when viewed on the tablet device.


However, on my mobile device, the form is working as intended by displaying these options.


The form is opened by clicking a custom URL with parameters set up in the pop-up for the features being inspected.  The above scenario plays out when I access the link both through a Collector and Web Application session.


What could be causing this loss of functionality on the tablet?  Both the phone and tablet are Android-based.


EDIT 1- 


I do not think the Custom URL linking is a factor as opening the survey form directly via Survey123 results in the same behavior.


EDIT 2- 


Additionally, on both the mobile device and the tablet, the required field of 'Inspector Initials' does not work in restricting the form from being sent without an inspector identified on the form.  


Opening the form on the Desktop via Survey123 Connect shows everything working fine (required field, repeat, geopoint).


Thanks for any insight on this issue,