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Public Survey123 : private records in feature layer fieldworker ?

Question asked by cjn@gtec on Dec 7, 2018
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I shared a Public Survey123 on my organization portal (ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1).

In the survey web designer I set Submitters to "Public" and Viewers to specific Groups (created on our Portal) only. 

In my content, I have three feature layers created for the survey : the original hosted shared with specified groups, one view "stakeholder" shared with same groups and one view "fieldworker" shared publicly. 

I assume that the fieldworker view is public in order to allow anyone to fill in the survey. The problem is that this layer is visible by every user on our Portal. They can open the layer in the map viewer and see all records, despite following settings (see image).


In short, I'd like my Survey to be filled by anyone (even people that are not registered on our Portal), but the records only accessible by users added in specified groups. 

Anyone has an idea or is facing the same problem? 


Thank you very much for your help !