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Entry getting reset on switching visibility based on relevant value

Question asked by bweller on Dec 6, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by j.moore-esristaff

I have a section in my form where I am switching between repeats based upon a value selected. There are two repeats within a repeat. For each bird sighting, the user may take multiple pictures of the bird. The photos can be on the device or made with a standalone digital camera. If the option "device" is selected the "image" option appears as a repeat via condition set in relevant. If the user selects "standalone" a text box to add the filename from the camera for later reference is displayed as a repeat.


I am witnessing two problems (still testing in Connect):


1. After selecting an option (either one) I add say 3 photos and then add another bird sighting. I go to add 1 photo for this sighting, the repeat section shows 1 of 3 (retains previous photo count). I don't want it show any count initially.


2. After entering all the data, as I go back through the repeats (birds and photos) and check my values, I noticed that sometimes the data gets erased if I am switching between the "device" and "standalone" repeats between bird records. I assume it has something to do with things getting reset as I turn on and off the repeats visibility based on the relevant condition.


How can I retain these values?


Thanks in advance