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AppRun Errors and Not Loading in AppPlayer

Question asked by sjohnson_CityofLubbock on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by sjohnson_CityofLubbock

Good morning!

I wanted to start my first app, but I'm running into some issues pretty quickly!


I went to the and started with a Map Viewer template.  I added the images and added the in for in both the App Info and Map View Settings tabs and used a public web map.  When I saved and finished, I clicked on customize app and I had already downloaded AppStudio for desktop, so I launched (Step 2: Open the source code of your app in AppStudio).  When I click Run, I get 4 AppRun Errors:

When I go to edit MapViewerApp.qml Line 26 (I'm just assuming this is where to go to find the errors?):

import Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.2


MapPage.qml Line 210:

                                parent.checked = true

ScreenShotsView.qml Line 1715 - there isn't this line, it stops at 427


I've also tried to open this in AppPlayer on my phone.  I can download it, and it brings up the initial screen.  When I click start though, it just has the waiting circle, even after 5 minutes.  

I'm not sure what step I missed, or what I can do to get this working.


No clue what the ArcGIS.AppFramework.InterAppCommunication module is or how to install it?  Is this the cause of the problem?  Would that also be why I can't use the app on my phone in the AppPlayer? 


Thank you for any help!