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Field names in map service are lower case

Question asked by Mark.Knoblauch@dot.state.fl.us_fdot on Nov 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by Mark.Knoblauch@dot.state.fl.us_fdot

If I publish a layer that has field names that are all upper case from our sde geodatabase as a map and feature service, the field names in both are all lower case.  If I publish just as a map service, then the field names in the published map service are all upper case.  I have publishing rights to our portal, and my machine is running 10.5.1.


If our administrator, who is also running 10.5.1, publishes from the same .mxd that I use, the feature service and map service both retain upper case field names.  We use the same parameters for creating the services.


I have also tried excluding the kml option, but this has no effect.