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Export numerical arrays from ArcGIS rasters.

Question asked by mburnamfink on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

Hello, I'm a data scientist, new to GIS, and I am having tremendous difficulty getting data out of ArcGIS.


I'm going to describe my workflow and indicate the specific problems I am having in italics


In the broadest terms, I am interested in modeling wildfire using deep learning.  To do, I have accessed fuel load and topological data from (raster files), wildfire perimeters from (shape files), and wind and precipitation data from NOAA (flat text). I am trying to create numerical arrays of the terrain and fuel loads in the neighborhood of historic wildfires, which would be amenable to machine learning techniques.


I have successfully imported all data into an ArcGIS Pro project and map. An example fire looks this, with the fire above the slope layer of the Landfire data.  Very pretty!


I cannot figure out how to export or access this data at any level more detailed than a one layer .png


When I try to export a .tiff file using the Raster Layer >> Data >> Export Raster tool, I get a file that cannot be read or opened by any other program.  


Alternatively, I have tried to use the arcgis python library, but arcgis is so focused on cloud and web application that I can't even open a .aprx project file stored locally on my machine. 


I am especially frustrated, because these appear to be solvable tasks in older ESRI products like ArcMap and arcpy which are no longer support or available.