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Location reported without geopoint being used (sometimes incorrectly)

Question asked by Rob.Large_NE on Nov 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Rob.Large_NE

I have recently created a couple of Survey123 surveys for biological recording. Both have the same basic format, where generic information about the site being surveyed are entered first, then a repeat loop is used to record sample locations within the site and various other data entered at each sample location.

The first app used a geopoint at the site level and then another within the loop and this worked as expected.  For the second survey I omitted the first geopoint (because I reasoned that I could find the site location from the samples recorded). This also worked pretty well and produced a feature layer with two layers, one for the site and one for the samples.

Within the site layer the locations are still georeferenced, despite there being no site-level geopoint employed. On the survey’s first field outing 15 out of 18 sites appear, georeferenced correctly on the sites layer, within the area where the sample locations are (how did it do this?)

However at three of the sites the data point is located at lat/long 0,0, in the Atlantic ocean (why did this happen for some, not all locations?)

Just trying to bottom this out to avoid it happening again.