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arcpy.SynchronizeChanges_management slow

Question asked by jilkahitesh on Nov 22, 2018



Parent Enterprise GDB: 10.3.1

Child Enterprise GDB: 10.4.1


We have standalone python sync script which sync changes in both direction.  We noticed that even for few changes the sync script takes more than 30 mins and if we sync in 1-Way direction, it takes appr 15 mins even if there are no any changes. But if we sync changes from ArcMAP (right click SDE connection --> Distributed geodatabase --> Synchronize changes), it takes less than 2 mins to complete (both 2-way and 1-way direction).


As we are using Network license, I found from ESRI community that license might take some time to load but I tested and found it takes less than 30 seconds. Also, we have set "import arcpy"  but result is same. 


Would anyone please help me on how we can speed up the process on standalone python script..